family of David and Susanne Whitcomb - Hale Mana, California
Jonathan Whitcomb
Through My Savior
Verse 3 Now in the morning of shadow waning, Like when the light of morning filled a tomb, Grant us forgiveness, both giving, gaining; Fill us with light: Dispel avenging gloom. Once in a garden the blood was dropping; Once on a cross the voice of mercy said: “Oh, my Father, forgive my brother; I forgive him with the blood I shed.” Verse 4 Through thine Anointed we seek forgiveness, Grasping thy mercy, casting off our sin, Through our election of his atonement: Touching Perfection, cleansing us within. Though opposition may feign to hinder, Like thine Anointed we begin to be. Oh, my Father, I now remember My Redeemer gave his life for me. Through my Savior I come to thee.
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Jonathan Whitcomb introduced the word “adahmeve” into the English language on June 28, 2013, soon after a United States Supreme Court decision concerning marriage in California.
Jonathan David Whitcomb in Long Beach, California Jonathan Whitcomb (left) and James Green, Long Beach, CA family of Jonathan and Gladys Whitcomb - years ago
Whitcombs, late 20th century
With James Greene in Long Beach, 2010 (Whitcomb interviewed the eyewitness and friend who saw the Marfa Lights)
giant chess set lovely sunset or sunrise at a beach
Fear not the light of unfamiliar hue. Washing sand at first, Then penetrating the depths, It bids a hidden feast emerge at last.
ropen drawn by the eyewitness Eskin Kuhn
What flies in the night As it glows? Bigger than fireflies and bats Who knows? Bigger than barn owls Dark as the crows But never with feathers Who knows?
The Ropen
By Jonathan Whitcomb
wedding photo - informal - soon after the sealing in the Salt Lake Temple
North-Whitcomb wedding, Salt Lake Temple (Jonathan & Gladys are on the right of the couple)
Luke Paina and Jonathan Whitcomb in Lae, Papua New Guinea
Whitcomb with Luke Paina, as they waited for the ship to take them to Umboi Island (a ropen expedition in Papua New Guinea, late 2004)
explorer and cryptozoologist Garth Guessman - a Biblical creationist
Garth Guessman on a MonsterQuest episode (Whitcomb consulted with MonsterQuest as the producters prepared for their 2009 expedition)
video being recorded after a wedding sealing at the Los Angeles Temple
Jonathan Whitcomb videotaping at the Montgomery-Whitcomb wedding photo session, Los Angeles Temple (Jonathan and Gladys were also married in the L. A. Temple. The word for the husband-wife marriage: “adahmeve.”)
By Jonathan David Whitcomb
part of a sketch of one of the "pterodactyls" seen in Cuba in 1971
Pterosaur (alive)
1971 Pterosaur Sighting in Cuba From early 2010 through the summer of 2011, Whitcomb had several interviews with Eskin C. Kuhn (who now lives in Ohio). Kuhn had observed, in clear day- light, two long-tailed pterosaurs at close range, at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. In 2011, another eyewitness, the R.N. Patty Carson, of Southern California, came forward with her report of a very similar flying creature seen at the same military base in Cuba, but in 1965. Whitcomb was then informed of two more eyewitnesses of the apparent pterosaur called “Gitmo pterosaur.”
Sketch by the eyewitness Eskin Kuhn, who many years later was interviewed, by phone, by Whitcomb
U. S. Marine Eskin Kuhn - eyewitness of two living pterosaurs in Cuba
Eskin Kuhn, U.S. Marine, at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, around 1971. In February of 2010, he received a surprise phone call from Jonathan Whitcomb, who checked the credibility of Kuhn, confirming to the cryptozoologist that it was a valid sighting and not any kind of hoax.
Jonathan and Gladys Whitcomb
Jonathan and Gladys in July of 2003, soon after celebrating twenty-five years of adahmeve. They have lived in Long Beach, California, since 1980, and raised three daughters.
Paul Nation, of Granbury, Texas - explorer and searcher for living pterosaurs
Paul Nation, of Texas, has explored in Papua New Guinea more than any other cryptozologist who has searched in those jungles for the flying creatures that eyewitnesses describe like pterosaurs. He assisted Whitcomb in preparing for the first 2004 expedition and Whitcomb helped Nation find the essential funding source that made possible the historic 2006 expedition on the PNG mainland.
from the scientific paper by Clifford Paiva - about bioluminescence in living pterosaurs
Within days of Paul Nation’s return to the United States, Whitcomb flew to Texas and interviewed the cryptozoologist, then returned to California with what may have been the first substantial physical evidence, ever brought back to the United States, for the bioluminescence of large flying creatures that may be living pterosaurs. The video footage was analyzed by the missile defense physicist Clifford Paiva, who concluded that the two glowing objects were not camera artifacts, not car headlights, not fires, not airplane lights, and not from any paste-on hoax. (expedition, interview, and analysis: 2006-2007)
Late in 2006, near a remote village on the mainland of Papua New Guinea, Paul Nation videotaped two of the flying lights that the natives call “indava.” It was not the only encounter that explorers experienced on that expedition, for the native Baptist minister Jacob Kepas, in daylight, saw one of the giant flying creatures sleeping high on a cliff, in that same general area: near Tawa Village.
One of the images from Cliff Paiva’s report on the indava video footage recorded by P. Nation
Gitmo Pterosaur of eastern Cuba
front cover of The Book of Mormon - a witness of Jesus Christ
The doctrine that little children don’t need baptism is found clearly in the Book of Mormon (another testament of Jesus Christ, alongside the Bible)
Whitcomb is being interviewed for a Canadian TV show
Jonathan Whitcomb, on May 5, 2012, was interviewed for a Canadian television show
Follower of Jesus Christ, husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin, friend, nonfiction author, musician, composer, poet, chess teacher, dissenting-scientist, neighbor, consultant for cryptozoology documentaries
At Ensign Peak, Salt Lake City, Utah: Jonathan and Gladys
Jonathan and Gladys Whitcomb, Ensign Peak, Utah
“Responding to a strange idea by negatively labeling its advocate— that can blind us or at least blur the border between truth and error, even if our concept is better. When in human history has one person always been wrong? And when one pearl is found in the mud of an old oyster bed, expect another.” (Introduction, Searching for Ropens and Finding God, fourth edition)
Albert Starr Spaulding - great grandfather of Jonathan Whitcomb
Albert Starr Spaulding