Who was Behind The 9-11 Attacks? Photo by Zen Let us use reason and good judgment, with an eye to human behavior, for whoever were the culprits of the 9-11 attacks, they were humans. The approach used on this page involves sound reasoning on human motivations and human actions. This should be the first approach, rather than conjecturing about traces of explosives in the rubble of the fallen Twin Towers. What we need most is careful, clear thinking. © Jonathan Whitcomb 2011 Capitol Building, Washington, D.C. Photo by F Morgen Some Americans, albeit a relatively small minority, believe that the attacks of September 11, 2011, were not the result of foreign terrorists but the work of persons in American government, a serious charge. That government-origin idea is here addressed. No individual on earth, acting alone, had the power to cause all the destruction of 9-11. It must have been a group of persons. Two things must both have existed in those persons: They must have had the moral depravity to plan and execute those acts and they must have had the ability to carry out those acts with- out being thwarted. Let us look at each of these separately. It seems that hardly one American in a hundred was pleased at the destruction of human life on that day. The vaste majority of Americans were appalled, including both those who came to believe it came from foreign terrorists and those who came to believe it came from American government officials. This is what both sides of the origin controversy have in common: They are convinced it was a horrible crime. Indeed it was. Is it reasonable to conjecture that a number of U.S. government officials, all at the same time, got the idea to destroy American skyscrapers? Did several of them simultaneously image killing thousands of Americans? No. For the government-origin con- jecture to be feasible, one person in some branch of American government would have had to start that conspiracy process. Now how could one depraved government official begin to gain help for an enormous attack against Americans? He or she would have had to find somebody else just as depraved. Then more individuals equally depraved would need to find more, and then more. One non-depraved person would have immediately exposed the conspiracy, or (if fear had prevented that) would have leaked out the details, causing the deprived conspirators to be caught. Yes, even before 9-11, planning to murder thousands of people was illegal. Take this case in context: September 11, 2001, was not long after an American president had been impeached by the House of Representatives for lying about having an extra- marital affair; President Clinton only just avoided total impeachment, and everything came out into the open. The point? Even the most powerful person in American govern- ment is subject to the law and can be caught. Look even deeper into presidential power. On that horrible day in 2001, when President Bush was flying on Air Force One, he did not have power to return home to Washington, for the Secret Service overruled him. The office of President of the United States carries too little influence to allow for planning an attack that would kill thousands of Americans. What person could have had the influence to plan the attacks? It would have had to have been somebody outside the United States, somebody who lived in a culture in which killing many Americans would not have triggered a revolt against him. And that culture would have had to have been so twisted that the vile assasin could have bragged about the deed after the Americans had died. After 9-11, who bragged about the deed? There lies the answer. By Jonathan David Whitcomb American Government or Terrorists? Questions and Answers Q: Why does it look like there was a controlled       demolition on one or both towers? A: What difference does it make? Not everyone      thinks it looks that way. What would anyone      expect from a fueled airliner colliding with a      skyscraper? A balloon pop? The Federal gov-      ernment has no need to destroy thousands of      American lives through demolitions; they have      the Internal Revenue Service. Q: What about rumors that residue of explosives       was found at the World Trade Center site? A: What about the 1993 bombing by mostly-       foreign-born terrorists: an attack on the base-       ment of the World Trade Center? Who would       be the more likely suspects in an attack just       eight years later? Foreign-born terrorists win       hands down against the U. S. Government,       regardless of rumors about residues. Q: What about the idea that a missile hit the       Pentagon, not an airliner? A: Eyewitnesses said it was an airliner. Nobody      saw any missile hit the Pentagon. Case closed. Q: How could foreign terrorists in Afghanistan       have pulled off the 9-11 attacks? A: How could they have failed to do so? After all,      they had years of experience, worldwide, in      terrorism. And who else would do it? In the      remote country of Afghanistan, they had all      the opportunities and time that they needed. Q: Could not some small secret branch of the      Federal government have planned and then      executed the 9-11 attacks? A: What secret part of the government would       have even one person who would attempt       such a thing? How much more logical is the       idea that Al-Qaeda did just what they said       that they had done! It is exactly their style. Do modern pterosaurs live among us? Eskin Kuhn sighting