Photo by Zen Spaulding Family Tree Table of Contents According to page 4, 10, and 14: James Benedict married Mary Smith in 1848. They had two sons: Lewis Herbert Spaulding (born in 1849) and Milton Edward (born in 1852). Mary Smith Spaulding died in 1852 at age 26. J. B. married Cynthia Annie Ewing, Sep 20, 1854. They had four children: Frank Ewing, Emma Cynthia, Albert Starr, and Irving Easton. Albert Starr Spaulding, 1866-1944, married first Nellie Locke Burrows on January 2, 1890. She passed away in September of 1908 (probably in Long Beach, California). A. S. married Pearl Byer Stoner on Sep 16, 1909. She passed away in March of 1919. A. S. married Florence Rest in Long Beach, in 1921. They were divorced within a few years. Previous Page Next Page Index From the family tree on the left, and other pages, we see: The children that Nellie L. B. Spaulding brought to earth: Albert Burrows, Irving Montgomery, Isabel (died in childhood) David Merrick, Louise Locke, Easton Ewing, Eleanor Faye The children that Pearl B. S. Spaulding brought to earth: Grace Elizabeth                    Wesley Starr Mary Nellie-Pearl                  Cynthia Jewel Florence Rest Spaulding brought James Edgar into this world.