Photo by Zen Index (incomplete, needs updating) King’s River swim  Knapp, Rachel Lincoln, Abraham  Long Beach in 1908 Long Beach, North subdivided  “looking fuller in the face” Lucille Fisher  Massachusetts  McIntyre, Ada  Merrick, David  Minnie Nicholson  Minister Irving Spaulding  Money Panic of 1857 Mule teams  Nebraska Nellie Denning  Nicholas, Fred  Nicholson, Minnie  Northwestern University  Painting of forest on bedroom wall  Pasadena City College professor  Pasadena College Academy  Petticord, Paul  Pfautz, Grace  Photo: Nellie, Pearl, & Albert Pickled Horse story  Play house and mud pies  Polio at Asbury College  Resolve Rest, Florence  Restaurant in Long Beach  Revolutionary War  Salesman of baking powder Salsbury family  San Francisco World Exposition  Sangamon River Satley, Myrtle Smith, Mary Spalding Book (1897) Spanish Methodist Mission spanking avoided  Spaulding Bank Spellings: Spalden, Spolden, Spaulding Stolp, Claudia  Subdividing in Colorado and Illinois Sunnyside Memorial Gardens  U.S.C. Medical School  Victoria, British Columbia  violin played by Albert Burrows  Webster, Harold  Western Evangelical Seminary  Whitcomb, Grace (marriage)  Whitcomb, Lawrence (marriage)  Wright Brothers shown invention  Yeardley, Sir George    Table of Contents  Cover of The Spaulding Heritage Ada McIntyre  Airplane high-altitude flight  Akey, Isal  Albert Burrows Spaulding (birth)  Albert Burrows married Grace Whitcomb  Allen Avenue home in Pasadena  Artist and Poet  Asbury College, Kentucky  Aunt Tinny Austin, Esther  Baldwin Lake  Big Bear Lake  botanical names Bresee Church of the Nazarene  Cabin on Lakeview near Big Bear  camped near Big Bear  Camp meeting at Pacific Palisades  Chester Avenue home  Chipmunks caught and sold  Christian conversion of a child  Christian heritage  Congregational Church Decks built on houses  Denning Children  DePauw University Diabetic (Aunt Tinnie) Divorce of Albert and Florence  Dominguez Field  Earthquake of 1933  Easton Ewing  Eleanor Faye (birth)  Emma Cynthia Ewing, Cynthia Annie Family worship in mornings  Faust performance Fire (barn)  Fisher, Frank Flu epidemic of 1919  Frog in the pond  Godfrey, Gwen  Golf course near Big Bear  Goslaw, Marjorie Bell Spaulding  Grandma Stoner  Guitar playing by Albert S. Spaulding  Gunpowder Experiment  Hale, Hannah Haynes, Elizabeth Huntington Beach photograph (1911) Irving Easton Irving Montgomery  James Benedict James Edgar  Jamestown (17th century)    Jewel (author of this booklet) (birth)