Photo by Zen Page 01 - Edward Table of Contents THE SPAULDING HERITAGE Compiled by Cynthia Jewel Akey Edward - The First Generation In the Spalding Book, dated 1897, we read: “The first known authentic record of the Spalding Family in America appears in a Virginia State Document entitled ‘Virginia Colonial Records, 1619-1680.’” . . . Emigrants had been coming to the colony, which we think of now as Jamestown, since early in the seventeenth century; the first successful permanent colony dates back to 1607. . . . Not one in twenty remained when Sir George Yeardley arrived in April, 1619. With Sir George was Edward Spalding and his wife. . . . But the Indians decided these people were encroaching on their freedom, and on March 22, 1622, at mid-day, they fell upon the Colonists. . . . Shortly after this, Edward took his family from “James Citie,” probably because of the hostility of the Indians. They came to Massachusetts by trading vessel . . . Previous Page Next Page Index