Photo by Zen Page 25 Previous Page Next Page [continued: cabin at Big Bear (mountains north of San Bernardino) and the fountain and pond and frog . . . ] “The fireplace was made of stone from “gold Mountain” over by Baldwin Lake, and we had “49er relics” from Holcomb Valley that Father and others had rescued from oblivion---a lantern and an old “flint lock” gun with powder horns. Sad news came to me last year. Heavy rains and snows weakened the roof and also the roots of a big pine tree just east of the cabin. The tree fell, collapsing the roof! Recently, new owners have repaired it and the old cabin is still giving shelter.” [In the spring of 1972, about two years after Jewel Akey published this booklet, Jonathan David Whitcomb and his father, David Burrows Whitcomb (grandson of Albert Starr Spaulding) drove by the old cabin near Big Bear Lake, and found it in apparently good condition. The old “Whitcomb” sign was still in the front yard. They also played golf at the old 9-hole course that had originally been built by Albert S. Spaulding.]