Photo by Zen Page 33 Previous Page “There was so much music in Father’s life, some of his favorites should be included in this little story. . . .” [Because of copyright issues, these songs are not included in this online version of The Spaulding Heritage.] “. . . Hymns of praise to God were often on his lips. Some are very difficult to find in print such as: ‘How Tedious and Tasteless the Hours.’ He often led us in singing (all the verses) of ‘Let Him Have His Way With Thee’ and ‘Shall We Gather at the River.’” . . . “No peace of mind can that man know Who wears a guilty breast, His conscience drives him to and fro And never lets him rest, And never lets him rest.” . . . “And this hymn by A. Toplady was a favorite:” “If on a quiet sea, Toward heaven we calmly sail, With grateful hearts, Oh God, to Thee, We’ll own the fav’ring gale.”