Whitcomb - North Family History - page 2
This is another old letter that was typed out, possibly by Frances Whitcomb Daniels [Spaulding]. These typewriter copies of the pages of letters are not likely the original letters, which were probably hand written. It appears that many of these letters were written by an “Uncle Willard” who had been in England early in the 20th century. He did much family history research there. The image below appears to be a continuation of another Whitcomb-North letter (one which is numbered by hand, by Jonathan D. Whitcomb around 1975, “Bg 10” - but those numbers (including “Bg 9” below) probably have little relevance to the order of the original letters written by Uncle Willard. Be aware that this Willard is not the one who is the uncle of Jonathan D. Whitcomb (not the Willard who is the nephew of Frances Whitcomb Daniels Spaulding) for the “Uncle Willard” who wrote these letters did family-history research before the nephew of Frances WDS was born, apparently.
Thomas Sterling was born November 4, 1906 and he married . . . Children were: [1] David Sterling (born 1929) who married Joan Withers [2] Arielle was born in 1931 and married Clarence E. Olson Frederick Arthur North married Lillian McCarthy on August 23, 1894  -  Children: [1] Charles Wesley [North] born November 16, 1895     he married Bonni ... Slagg [2] Thomas Wilfred [North] born March 26, 1898    married Estelle [3] Ernest Maynard [North] born May 4, 1904    married Lulu Robbins . . . Helen Melissa North married Augustus L. Whitcomb on December 25, 1884  . . .  Children: [1] Ethel May [Whitcomb Johnson] born March 21, 1887 [2] Helen Grace [Whitcomb Spaulding] born June 2, 1891    married Albert [Burrows] Spaulding [son of Albert Starr ...] [Pearl] {From Jonathan D. Whitcomb: Somewhere in my family history is a Frank Fisher. I believe he married someone named Katherine (or Catherine or something). I knew them in the late 1960’s and 1970’s when they lived in Pasadena, California. Living with them was an elderly lady who, I believe, was a cousin or something to my grandmother Ruby Robinson Wise: Mattie, I believe} Lawrence Whitcomb married Eleanor Spaulding  children:  Willard (his daughter is Lucy)  Lawrence (his ch. are Mike and Melinda)  David (his ch. are Jonny, Cindy, Wendy, and Laurie)  Eleanor Simpson (her ch. are Marcia, Cathy, and Carol)  Bonnie Cervine (her ch: Dane, Steve, Denise, and Scott) Frances F. (born Aug 21, 1904) married Fred Daniels on  Feb 8, 1924 [after his death, Frances mrd Albert Spaulding  who was the son of Albert Starr Spaulding]  The children of Frances and Fred were:  Dorothy L. Ratzke (no children)  J. Aldyne : Wendi Gae & Dana Sue  R. Eugene : Brian, Vicki, Douglas, Sophia G. Fern (born March 1, 1913) married Erwin M. Howlett on  May 10, 1935 - children:  Jerry (married Marilyn Morris 1967)  James ************* Emily Elizabeth North married Archibald Templeton on Aug 5, 1896 . . . Kilmarnock, Scotland . . . children: Hugh L. . . . children: Arch W. B. . . . Elizabeth Hope . . . Ruth Elizabeth born 10/8/1963 Pennistone and North in England