Whitcomb - North Family History - page 3
The top of this old typed-out letter resembles the Pennistone-North online page. For more background on the old family letters see that page and also the Whitcomb-North online page (“page 2”) Henry Pennistone, of Horseley Gate (Horsleygate, England) appears to have been the father of Robert Pennistone. [Another possible spelling, from other pages of family history, appears to be Pennystone.] William North (apparently a grandson-in-law of Henry) married Elizabeth, and they seem to be the parents of Thomas North Senior, who married first Ellen Hopkinson and second Jane Biggins. Children from the first marriage were William, Thomas, and Jane. Other names on this old paper include Joseph Biggin, Catherine, Sarah Jane Brailsford, George Henry North, Mary Jane North, Sarah Helen, Thomas William, Charles Ewin, Sarah Ann, David Willard North, Helen Melissa North, Emily Elizabeth, etc
George Henry North was born on May 11, 1853    He died June 1, 1853 Mary Jane North was born on Jan 24, 1855  [the death date is unclear: overtyped] Sarah Helen North was born July 14, 1856  She died Nov 14, 1856 Thomas William North was born Aug 11, 1857  He died May 16, 1943 Charles Edwin North was born on Jan 10, 1859  He died (apparently Dec 15th in the early 1880’s) Sarah Ann North was born Sep 23, 1860  She died Nov 18, 1936 David Willard North was born Aug 10, 1862  He died Jan 7, 1962 [It’s quite likely that he is  the “Uncle David” who wrote out many of  these letters about the family history] Helen Melissa North was born July 27, 1865  She died April 28, 1959 Jonathan David Whitcomb remembers his great grandmother H. M. North-Whitcomb in the late 1950’s. She had white hair and waved goodbye to him and his family in an unusual way: She opened and closed her hand without moving that hand in the usual way of waving. Emily Elizabeth North was born July 12, 1867  She died April 17, 1950 Frederick Arthur North was born June 5, 1873  He died May 5, 1947 Other names include (but are not limited to) the following: Samuel Wileman, Emily, Thomas Young, Charles, James, Harold, Ralph, Florence, Lawrence, Ruth, Franklin, Esther, Frederick, Howard, Raymond, Russell, Kealy, Stanley, Mary, Rachel, Albert Stieger, Lucille, Donald, Josie Ellen Wales, Beulah, William Cresap, Hazel Athena, Widdoes, Vincent Wales, Anne Clark, Lora Enda, Ben Purdy, Elsie Geneva, James Wileman, Lily Esther (Lillian), Fred Clark, Florence, Burnett, Rollo, Bob, Louis Arthur, Ruth, Earl, Verna, Sarah Elizabeth Nelson, Theodora Maud, Norman Brokaw, Beth, Janice, Norman, Jessica Nelson, Reid MacDonald, Duncan, Mildred Weise, Kathleen, Frank Wolgast, Marty Marek, Herschel, Bess Aurora Nelson, Willard, Warren. Details about marriages and dates are on the image on the right (on this online page). Hopkinson and North family history