Whitcomb - North Family History - page 4
See the first online page for more on the Pennistone line [sometimes the surname is spelled “Pennystone”]. Ellen Hopkinson - wife of Thomas #2 - born January 28, [1797] at Totley, England. Jane, Thomas, and William - little tots were taken to Grandfather’s (William North) during her confinement. Both mother and child died January 31, 1832 (buried at Holmesfield). Said to have been a very fine woman; letters from her brother William and his wife Mary [Hopkinson] would indicate it. Jane Biggin - second wife of Thomas #2 - at one time bore the name Bradway, but birth entry by Thomas #2 is “Biggin.” Was of illegitimate birth (date uncertain). Original entry is June 25 17--* (the last two figures have been changed). Mother of a number of children, all of whom died in infancy. Died December 13, 1882 at home of Thomas #1. Buried in the Albion Prairie Cemetery [Wisconsin]. {findagrave.com says she was born in *1794 and died in 1882}
#3 William North, born at Holmesfield [Derbyshire] England, Date unknown. He married Elizabeth Pennystone [Pennistone] (date of marriage and death unknown). Their children were: Ann, born at Holmesfield in 1798. She married Petter [Peter] Biggin; [somebody died, probably Ann] November 3, 1877; buried at [Holmesfield]. Lettis (Aunt Letty) married Valentine [Hollingsworth] of [Horsleygate, Derbyshire, England - in or near Holmesfield]. [They] had six sons and three daughters.  . . . . .
A home in Horsleygate, Holmesfield, Derbyshire
One of many views available on Google Map: Horsleygate Lane (Derbyshire, England) — see a Google Map Tutorial to learn how to see these kinds of images
Other names mentioned on the image on the right: Catherine [North], married John Smith of “Abbey Dale” [could this be Dale Abbey?] — Weymouth; Burrows; Jane; Thomas Fisher; Esther; Wilde; Ellen; Joseph; Mower; Robert; Black Earth [Wisconsin]; Mrs. Turk; Alice, daughter of Robert; Wicher; Brownlow North; William [North]; Francis North; Matthew; Jane; location of Sheffield; Frederick (“Prime Minister during the Revolution”); Miss Bland; Eliza; Featherstone; Thorpe; Robert; Henry; “Mary who married a George Bland who died in 1857 (I am a bit mixed here - A George Bland B. 1771 . . .”)