Photo by Zen Page 17 Previous Page Next Page 11. [continued] Cynthia Jewel [author of this booklet] divorced and married Kenneth R. Akey, brother-in- law to David Merrick, making a close-knit family tie (brother and sister married to sister and brother). Son: Kenneth Vernon married Claudia Stolp 12. James Edgar, son of Albert Starr and Florence Rest, . . . married Jean. Daughters: Susan and Marilyn Memories Albert, Irving, and David assisted with the family nursery, one of their specialties being the propogation of apple trees. They shipped then, bare-rooted, in spagnum moss to most of the states. There was a large barn at the nursery on the side of a hill, with a lower and upper entrance. The cows and horses had easy access into the barn via the lower door. The hay loft could be reached easily through the upper door. The men could roll the wagons right up to the upper door and unload the hay. . . .  [“pickled horse” story begins]